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This summer I have finished the series of Vienna (the redhead muse) about the world: 6 paintings that try to transmit a positive image of the nudity and the sexuality. A million of thanks to Vienna for posing for me. I hope that you like.

  1. VIENNA STIMULATING BERLIN’S PHOTOGRAPHERS http://www.onlyeroticart.com/vienna-stimulating-berlin-photographers-pictor-mulier.html
  2. NAKED VIENNA TESTING THE IMPERTURBABILITY OF THE PRESIDENTS http://www.onlyeroticart.com/naked-vienna-testing-the-imperturbability-of-the-presidents.html
  3. VIENNA OFFERING HER SACRED NUDITY IN THE FACE OF ULURU MOUNTAIN  http://www.onlyeroticart.com/vienna-offering-her-sacred-nudity-in-the-face-of-uluru-mountain.html
  4. VIENNA FIGHTING AGAINST GLOBAL WARMING http://www.onlyeroticart.com/vienna-fighting-against-global-warming.html
  5. VIENNA, THE NEW AND UNDISPUTED QUEEN OF AFRICA http://www.onlyeroticart.com/vienna-the-new-and-undisputed-queen-of-africa.html
  6. VIENNA LIGHTING UP WITH HER NAKED BODY TOKIO’S NIGHT http://www.onlyeroticart.com/vienna-lighting-up-with-her-naked-body-tokio-s-night.html

Artist: Pictor Mulier
Model: Vienna (http://www.viennaexhib.com/)
Acrylic on board DM 3 mm
61 x 81 cm

Artist: Pictor Mulier (http://www.onlyeroticart.com/artistas/pictor-mulier.html)
Model: Andrea Eve (http://www.andreaeve.com/) (https://twitter.com/ModelAndreaEve)
Acrylic on board DM 3 mm
40 x 60 cm

Wet Peach
Author: Nancy Peach
Oil on Canvas Original: 24” x 36” inches.
Buy prints in http://www.onlyeroticart.com/artistas/nancy-peach.html

Daughter of the Sea
Author: Myah Sundvall
Buy prints in http://www.onlyeroticart.com/artistas/myah-sundvall.html

Feminine Movement & Passion 1
Author: Micky Goldstein
Acrylic on canvas
80cm x 100 cm

El mediodía
Artista: Mechtatel
You can buy art prints in http://www.onlyeroticart.com/artistas/mechtatel.html

Immersion ingénue
Auteur: Marlène Bisson
You can buy art prints in http://www.onlyeroticart.com/artistas/marlene-bisson.html

Pop Fountain
Autora: Loki Taiwan
Pintura digital